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Three Big Puppies

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Behind the Scenes

With the exponential increase of pet owners during this difficult time, Fur Your Friends Foundation aims to make basic pet supplies highly accessible through interactions with various animal shelters and rescues in the GTA. Through donations from current or previous pet owners, Fur Your Friends Foundation will supply these organizations with the necessary equipment to aid new owners in their adoption process. 

Most pet owners find that their pets have outgrown their supplies or are no longer using them. This usually leads to most reusable items such as collars, bowls, harnesses, etc., being thrown out, with very few being donated. Fur Your Friends Foundation provides a bridge from pet owners to animal shelters and rescues in need of these items. This ensures that these used pet supplies do not go to waste. With your donations, animal organizations will receive support and new owners can receive the initial supplies they need when adopting their furry friend.  

No donation is too small and no contribution goes unnoticed. Help us make a difference today. 

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