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Welcome to Fur Your Friends Foundation! As the global pandemic unfolds and people spend more time at home, pet adoption has grown an exponential amount; "pet adoptions have surged in the pandemic," writes Rob Carrick from the Globe and Mail. With increased pet adoptions, animal shelters and rescues are working as hard as they can to provide all new owners with the necessary supplies that accompany adoption. Fur Your Friends Foundation aims to help ease the burden at animal shelters and rescues, so they can provide proper care for animals under their supervision as well as all the necessities for new pet owners when adopting. With your donations, we can make the transition to being a pet owner as smooth as possible, so all animals can be properly cared for, whether at a shelter, or in their new homes.

"Saving one pet won't save the world, but for one pet, their world will change forever." - Anonymous

Written by Jonathan Gootgarts

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